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Linda Mattox - Customer Testimonial

On December 31, 2010, my home was destroyed by fire. It was almost a complete loss, as only the shell of the house remained and some of the roof. I had never experienced such a material loss, my home of 40 years, was in shambles. Not only fire damage, but also water damage from the firemen putting the fire out. One of my pets died in the fire as well.

Everything I had was gone, I wasn’t sure what to do and was completely overwhelmed. My husband and I were displaced and the home was not safe to live in. In the days to follow, we contacted the insurance company and my family and I started to remove items from my home, we moved into a small apartment, and began the process of rebuilding our lives.

I must admit, initially I was skeptical and anticipated a long process that may not produce the results I wanted.

In March 2011, I selected Mr. Corey Penrod, Penrod Construction Company to rebuild my home. Immediately, Mr. Penrod and his staff began work on my home and created a relationship of trust. Mr. Penrod also made suggestions that enabled me to add extra kitchen space and features to my home that I had wanted for years as well as ideas that I had not thought of.

Mr. Penrod and his staff are dependable, trustworthy, and friendly. Mr. Penrod instills a great sense of pride among his crew. Mr. Penrod’s attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs was extremely important to me.

We are extremely satisfied with the workmanship. Mr. Penrod delivered a fast and efficient schedule while maintaining high standards of quality.

Mr. Penrod blends knowledge and experience with due diligence, a timely completion and a quality-finished product. Three months later I have a new home and can begin to live a normal life again in a beautiful home.

Linda Mattox

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United Feed Co-operation

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Buxton Funeral Home & Cremation Services

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Tom & Diane Timmons

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